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Mike Murray

Mike MurrayMike Murray has spent more than a decade helping companies large and small to protect their information by understanding their vulnerability posture from the perspective of an attacker. From his work in the late 90′s as a penetration tester and vulnerability researcher to leadership positions at nCircle, Neohapsis, and Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, his focus has always been on using vulnerability assessment through penetration testing and social engineering to proactively defend organizations. As well as being in charge of advanced curriculum here at The Hacker Academy, Mike is also a Managing Partner of MAD Security, LLC, where he leads engagements to help corporate and government customers understand and protect their security organization.

Mike’s early career was been focused on the technical side of security. He was a vulnerability researcher and penetration tester as far back as the late 1990s, discovering numerous published and unpublished vulnerabilities in multiple platforms. He also built the vulnerability research and signature development (VERT) team at nCircle, which was widely recognized as the strongest team of its type at the time.

His years of experience as a vulnerability researcher and leader of research teams have convinced him that the most important system to focus on in information security is the human and organizational systems, and Mike has most recently focused on research into exploitation of those systems. Mike’s talks about how to build a great career in security have been seen at major conferences like RSA, Blackhat and Defcon, and his work on advanced social engineering has been widely recognized. Mike’s thoughts on security can be found on his blog at Episteme.ca and his work on helping build careers can be found at InfoSecLeaders.com.